Corporate Facts
Our Growth Path

Opusing LLC is the leading provider of the Technology Solution from Technology Leaders. Opusing LLC brings experience as a core value for delivery of the High End Solutions it offers from the Technology leaders.

The organization has built up its Delivery Practice around global Project Management Solution to bring high amount of visibility into the implementation process and decision making. This is further strengthened by the experienced pool of consultants to execute the work assigned to us. Opusing management is always involved in each project by virtue of the processes put in place from beginning. All processes are aligned with world class communication tools for Audio / Video or Web conferencing, to ensure success of the Projects.

Opusing has established processes, practices and resources for the Post Implementation Support for the projects delivered by the delivery team.

We value our relationship with consultants as much as we value it with our clients, and strive to ensure longevity of the same. It is no wonder that a large percentage of our consultants come to us through employee referrals. Our clients benefit vastly from the close personal relationship and loyalty we develop with our consultants.

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